Monday, July 9, 2012

Layin' A Strip for the Higher-Self State Line

So.  I had a meeting today with a high school band director.  We'll say he's from school B, since I already have one job at school A (more on that later). It went pretty fantastically, except this is what he said:

"I'd love you to come in and work with our percussionists... except I don't actually have a position for you."


So, over coffee and soup, we discussed ways to get me into school B. The plan is to set me up through the community school teaching private lessons, and have me come in once a month or so to give technique master classes. Also, there is a Winter Drumline Instructor position open that I'll hopefully take over (sidenote: I have never taught a Winter Drumline).   I'll get some face time around the office and administration, and hopefully, they'll eventually find funds to make me a regular every week to teach percussion ensemble and technique.

Freakin' sweet.

Although the uncertainty is stressful, especially when you've got plenty of bills to pay, I LOVE this part of the job.  It's really exciting to create new opportunities and actually get in and make a job for myself, not to mention diving into a position with which I don't have much experience.  Although it is risky, if the success comes, there is no better feeling than knowing that you went out and created a situation where people will pay you to go have fun and do what you love. Krissy - 1 Economy - 0.

Back to the Winter Drumline bit.... so I've never taught one.  Or participated in one.  BUT. I have played in plenty of fall drumlines and performed in Marching Band shows and at least seen some Winter shows, and I know what makes up a decent one. 

 Inexplicably, I am super pumped to do this. 

I really didn't know that winter drumlines existed until a year or two into college, and by then I had all kinds of other priorities.  I cannot wait to go to town on this, though.  I'll have to do plenty of research, but the idea of scheduling and running my own group is like super party happy fun time.  I'll have a sizable group of about 35 kids, all of whom sound really motivated. So excited.

In other life slices, it has always been glaringly obvious to me that I do not have girlfriends, or at least very many (which, like many other women, may explain my sex and the city addiction), so I have finally decided to do something about it.  Not that I don't already appreciate the girlfriends I do have... I appreciate them more knowing it's hard to find a group like that.  The only issue is the ones I do have all live far away (Illinois, Arizona, and 40 minutes North of my house, which is not bad, but thats only one).  It would, however, be nice to have a posse of girls that live near me, with whom I could have conversations like this, and not like this.  So after hearing about my friend Jenny's super awesome chic book club, I though, "Yes, I'm going to do that."  In the course of trying to find a book club, I discovered this awesome little website called Meetup, where you can find groups to join and just hang out.  I joined the Sassy Lassies, and the next day I was hanging at someone's apartment making card and shrinky dinks!  It was really pretty sweet.  Another meetup is happening tomorrow, too.  We're going to see Magic Mike! (I whole-heartedly applaud the role reversals... and also pretty alright with the male stripping....).

That said, finding friends is weird. It's like dating. Part of me is really happy to be there, and the other part of me is a neurotic mess of inner monologue shrouded in a foggy haze of self-doubt.  The neurosis notwithstanding, I will do it again.  It's totally worth the chic talk (which already was had at meeting one) and the company.  Also, I think the types of people that tend to do these things seem to be people who are generally open and honest and just want to hang, so it's pretty sweet. Yay new people.

This post has mostly been about new things: new people, new opportunities.... which sounds lovely and inspirational and full of unicorns pooping butterflies and rainbows..... but in reality, it's super awkward.  When I attempt to do new things, I pump myself up and go in really motivated, and then while I'm doing it I feel like this.  So I want to hear about your awkward newbie experiences, good or bad.  Embarrassing would be best, please. ;)

Also, credit to The Bad Plus for the post title. Check 'em out. Dave King's the man. 

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